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September 2nd, 2014 RM4 Update

Posted by hcs on September 2, 2014

We just finished an update that we hope will make a few things easier for our clients using Rental Management IV. Several improvements have been made to the system in regards to changing the dates or unit of a stay as well as improvements to adding payments.

Change Dates or Unit

The main updates are when changing the dates and/or unit on a reservation. The "Change" column should now accurately show the exact total change that will be made when updating charges for a different cabin or different dates. This includes rent, cleaning fees, ASI fees, insurance, as well as taxes. A broken down list of changes to be made can be seen by hovering over the change column as seen in the screenshot below.


In addition, this screen is now smart about what specials get applied. It will keep applicable specials as well as allowing you to select what specials you want applied.


New Change Dates/Unit Screen


Add Payments or Refunds

We also made a minor update to adding payments. When adding a payment to a card that the guest has paid with before, instead of selecting the card type, there will now be a separate "Type" option for each card the guest has paid with. This allows you to have the system automatically fill out the card information for a specific card when the guest has already paid with more than one card of the same type. This can be seen with fake card numbers in the screenshot below.


Pay Type Select


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