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Rental Management IV, or “RM4” is a complete management solution for your vacationlodging or overnight rental company. It can help you manage your units and reservations, aswell as help with your accounting. This is not hotel/motel management software. It waswritten from the ground up to handle the complexities of the vacation lodging industry, and wework closely with your company and others in the industry to make sure it continues to meetyour needs. We do our best to write our software to help you run your company the way yourwant to, and your feature requests directly drive future updates.


RM4 allows you to:

  • Take and manage reservations
  • Manage rental units and owners
  • Manage guest charges and payments
  • Track owner and unit-related expenses
  • Manage advertising and analyze where your customers are coming from (Advertising add-on)
  • Track maintenance requests and service calls (Maintenance add-on)
  • View the complete history of a reservation, including any changes made
  • Generate powerful reports to help you balance your Escrow account and manage your cash flow
  • Automatically generate some taxes and owner chargebacks
  • Switch owners in the middle of a month and split the rent revenue accordingly
  • Automatically print 1099's for your owners at the end of the year



  • Advertising Module – Allows you to keep track all of your advertisements, whether in magazines, newspapers, websites or even TV and radio. You'll be notified of contract expiration dates and ad deadlines automatically, and you can email your designers or account representatives right from the program.

  • Maintenance Module – Helps you track guest complaints and unit maintenance requests. Generate work orders to give your contractors and maintenance personnel, identify units with repeat problems, and eliminate dropped issues.

  • Online Reservations – We believe that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to your website and taking reservations online. We work with you on a case-by-case basis to write an online availibility and booking solution that meets your needs and ties in smoothly to both your existing website and our software.

  • Owner Portal – Your owners can log in to a secure website and see the rental history for their units, print past accounting statements, and view messages or other information you send to them.

  • Secure Server – In most cases, our software will be hosted on our servers. But for the ultimate in control over your data, we can also build a secure, high performance server that will ensure fast, trouble-free operation and minimize the risk of your data being compromised.


We offer the following pricing options:

  1. A per-reservation fee of $10 for all paid reservation made through the software. The company can pass this fee along to their guests, just like sales tax. There are NO STARTUP FEES with this option, and it includes FREE website updates after the initial integration. Perfect for companies wanting to minimize overhead during slow months, minimize startup costs, or looking for an all-inclusive software and website package. For companies with over 50 cabins, the fee drops to $5 per reservation.

  2. A monthly subscription fee, starting at $150 per month. Total cost depends on your selected options and the number of properties managed. We never lock you into a long-term contact--you pay month-to-month for the use of the software.

    With both these options, we host the software on our servers. We'll also host 1 website for free, if desired. We also offer a software API that allows you to host your website anywhere and still tie into the software.

  3. A full software license, starting at $6,000. This option allows you to install the software on your company's servers and no monthly fee is required for continued use. Support and updates are available for an additional monthly fee, but this is not required.

Additional Options and add-ons:

Server (optional) - $2000

Custom-built, high performance web application server running a secure UNIX-based operating system. Note: if you are purchasing the online booking option, we may require you to use one of our servers, for security and performance reasons.

Support and Updates (optional) - $100/month ($1200/year)

Note that this option is already included for booking fee or subscription based customers. Billable monthly or yearly, at your option. This includes full technical support for our software and free upgrades as soon as they're released. If you're running one of our servers, this also includes free hardware support for it and remote monitoring, which alerts us to potential problems so they can be fixed before they turn into costly downtime for your company. This is optional, but without it, tech support is billable at $40/hr and software updates are only available for an extra charge.

Data Conversion - $750 - $1500

If you're switching from other reservation software, we may be able to convert some or all of your data to our system, saving you countless hours of manual data entry. Cost depends on the amount of data to be converted and the complexity of your existing software.

Online Reservations (optional) - $1200+

Price depends on how you want to implement this option. We can give you a whole new website or just connect your existing site to our software. This also can be added at any time. Due to implementation differences between customers and their websites, after the initial purchase, feature additions and other website changes are billable separately and are not included in the base software support.


Integration Partners

RM4 works with a number of third party services to provide enhanced functionality for our users.

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